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Laurence (She/They)

Chair & Research Lead

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My Story

Laurence (she/they) is neurodivergent and has lived experience of an eating disorder. She is also a neurodiversity and mental health advocate. 


Laurence holds a Certificate II in Medical Service First Response, a Diploma in Business Management and Spanish, a Bachelor of Science in Aviation, a Bachelor of Psychological Science, and a Master of Philosophy in Gender Studies. They are now undertaking a PhD and their research investigates neurodivergence in relation to eating disorders.

In their spare time, Laurence enjoys expressing their creativity through writing poetry. Laurence also loves adventures such as hiking, traveling, and going on solo road trips.

Laurence has many topics of interest. She loves to learn about aviation, archaeology, ancient languages (e.g., hieroglyphs, ancient Greek, Latin), and palaeontology (e.g., dinosaurs). 

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