Episode 1


Welcome to the very first episode of EDNA's podcast NeurospicED. This episode features Annie Crowe, our Founder and CEO, and our awesome guest Meghan. 

Topics discussed in this episode include neurodivergent diagnostic processes, masking (or camouflaging), the double empathy problem, body image challenges, interoception and alexithymia, depression, developmental trauma, sensory trauma, autistic ADHD burnout, and much more. 


Trigger warning and self-care

This episode discusses topics that may be distressing for some. As such, we would like to recommend that you are mindful about this and ensure you have access to appropriate support if needed. 

Here are some resources:

Butterfly Foundation


Lifeline Australia

Kids Helpline

Beyond Blue


Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

Yellow Ladybugs

In case of an emergency please call 000