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My Story

Annie (she/her) is a proud multiply neurodivergent (autistic-ADHDer) disabled woman. She is an internationally recognised speaker on neurodiversity and disability inclusion. She works tirelessly to ensure neurodivergent voices are heard and that their lived experience is valued. 

Over the last decade, Annie has developed extensive legal and policy expertise in both corporate legal practice and working for the Federal Government.


Annie holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons), including studying human rights law at Oxford University, a Bachelor of Commerce, and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. She is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

Annie is also the founder and director of  Neurodivergent Millennial, which produces The Princess and the Pea Podcast, a platform created to develop accessible neurodiversity-affirming content and community. 


In her spare time, Annie enjoys spending time with family, playing with her toddler and cuddling her standard poodle, Moose.